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scott luihn, photographer/videographer 

locally sourced photography
 from the BRP to the OBX and beyond.

I'm a North Carolina photographer and locally sourced photography is my genre. My photography has been taken from the OBX to the BRP, as well as other places of interest.

My photography covers a variety of subjects and what I call photo-tunity. 

north pond pea island.jpg
white eyed-.jpg
waterfall 3 (1 of 1).jpg
engine 620 in b w -.jpg
mirror look-0046.jpg
snaggletooth black bear (1 of 1).JPG
secure the boat HMM (1 of 1).JPG
pond at brunswick town (1 of 1).JPG
pond at brunswick town (1 of 1).JPG

A Photograph is a memory no longer  forgotten...

Not all photo's are as polished as a candy apple, but they all are a moment in time that would have been forgotten, except for that one click that preserved it, no matter how good or bad.


All Photography/PhotoArt are original pieces of art by Scott Luihn

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